Paint and Play with Smash Enterprises

Smash Enterprises and I have had a long love relationship – They’ve been keeping my house full of snackalicious plastic containers, drink bottles and coffee containers for years (much to my husbands minimalistic dismay).
When they asked to decorate my office though, the time finally came for me to personally benefit. I chose the ‘Paint and Play’ decor and got a gorgeous huge box of everything a gal with a new offie set up could need – binders, pens, in trays, notebook, post its, the lot, and all with the stunning 3D like paint patterns that really brighten my entire room up.

I’m lucky in that we recently moved the kids into a shared room so I could finally have an entire office to myself, and my Christ like husband who can make furniture out of scraps made me the most luxe, gorgeous desk and book shelf. After lengthy discussions and Pinterest sharing we decided on a deep walnut stain for the wood and charcoal for the bases.

My favourites from this Smash collection are the fluffy pens (think Legally Blonde and Clueless vibes) and the huge binders. Because I live in in a digital world, I’m going to have to make a big effort to start writing by hand to make use of my amazing collection of notebooks, or at the very least have them in a pretty instagram-able stack, ha!


The Paint and Play and other designs are available for purchase at Big W now.


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