My Top Christmas Food Picks

As most of you know, who read my stuff regularly (thanks Mum), I’ve been fairly vegetarian of late so it was interesting to flick through my recipe books (Ok, just Jamies Christmas) to gain some inspiration for Christmas Food. Jamie is my number one guy when it comes to cooking, and I usually refer to his books or website and just adjust as I go if needed.

I love cooking, Christmas is my favourite time of year, and not really eating meat this year I still want to be able to find some delicious alternatives for Christmas. Here are some of my staples for this year (plus some of my favourite meat dishes for ya’ll).

One of the coolest dishes I cooked a few years ago was the Beef Wellington, and this year I’m going to do a Salmon version! Jamie actually classifies these as two different meals in his Christmas book, but the basis is the same – meat wrapped in puff pastry *cue drooling emoji*. This is called the Salmon On Croute, (obviously I’m happy to eat seafood right now) and I’ve included his picture below to give you an idea, as I haven’t made it yet.

I’m not Vegan nor do I plan on becoming, but the Vegan M’Hanncha LOOKS incredible. Again, the basis of this is pastry encasing something, and obviously in this case its grains and smashed vegetables. I love this one especially because its not fancy in terms of the ingredients list (as I find most vegan meals), and you certainly won’t be sorely out of pocket.

Sides wise, I make Yorkshire Puddings year round – obviously, I’m married to a Yorkshire Man! They’re my absolute favourite to make, super easy and everyone loves them. Jamie has a gluten free recipe version as well here, if that’s your thing.

You MUST have Potatoes – YOU MUST! Here are some awesome ideas, including some with blue cheese (I cooked these last year and they were a hit), and a potato al forno which is just ridiculous and creamy and indulgent, but again – not too difficult.

Whats your favourite thing to eat at Christmas?

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