Welcome to 2019 TBB Clan!

Well hey there! It’s been a little minute hasn’t it? Where The Bean Bible once started as pure ‘blog’ and personal feelings and thoughts, it’s expanded to so much more – including product reviews and lots and lots of recipes (ironic for someone who is not a lifestyle nor food blogger at all).

I wanted to touch base with you all, and to any new followers and check in where I’m at now in 2019.

I have a regular radio segment called ‘Wine Club’ on Tuesday Nights on Bay 93.9 which I absolutely adore. My big ‘goal’ for this year is to become a co-host one night a week (by forcing them to love me enough they want me around for 3 hours!), and get my mug on the side of a bus. Bold? Probably. I wouldn’t even say they’ve been that receptive to my constant chatter about it, but if I don’t have it there by November I’ll just pay for it myself. Joking, but not. Radio has been hugely fun, and easier than I imagined – I find it really relaxing and funny, and I never get stage fright (unlike my opening speech at the Fundraiser last year!).

I started a Store – At the moment I have 2 different T Shirt Collections, containing 3 T shirts in whole, and $3 from each tee goes to a different charity. It’s been so much fun coming up with designs by myself and watching the community be so receptive. I have a huge collaboration Tee to be announced super soon just in time for International Womens Days – I think it’ll be the best seller by far!

Wine Club is taking OFF this year, with me introducing a $5 ticket. The premise is the same – great nights, new friends, a very relaxed vibe and generally a free drink or two.

I work in Marketing and PR for a Aesthetics and Wellness Studio which I love, so you’ll see my repost a lot of the specials because they’re too good to miss out on.

And on the home front, Evie started 3YO Kinder (!) and Hunter is bottle free, nap free and mostly nappy free (!!!).

I’ve always been a hippy at heart, but I’m been immersing myself deeper in the world of incense, energies, angel cards, essential oils, crystals etc and I tell you what – it makes me so dahm happy. I’m not here to sell a single thing to anyone – but if you come into my house be prepared for a ‘scent overload’!

Tell me – whats your BIG plans for 2019?

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