Happy Hair Brush

Last month I met the team from Happy Hair Brush, and was super chuffed when they gave me their range of brushes to try out. As most of my followers know, Evie and I both really love doing our hair – and secret (or not to secret) confession – we’ve been sharing the same old supermarket hairbrush for YEARS. In fact, it might even be older than Evie! Yikes!


Heres some reasons I love these new brushes, and why I personally recommend them after using them for a few weeks now.

  • Evie and I both have completely different hair – hers is super fine, and mine is the opposite and super thick, but this brush is ideal for both of us. It brushes through my thick hair with no pulling, and genuinely makes it feel healthier, instead of ripping bits out. For Evie, we use the brushes multiple times a day because someone could simply cough at her hair and it’s knotty again – you can see a little video compilation I made of her brushing her own hair with one arm (hello broken bone).
  • A lot of the components of the brushes are made by hand, which makes for a really sturdy and well though out brush.
  • The team are incredibly passionate about brushes and hair brushing – they believe that kids start off hating having their hair brushed from such a young age because it hurts when it SHOULDN’T. They not only have a money back guarantee, but a happiness guarantee.
  • The brush has been tested, and works on: really curly, biracial, afro, straight and thing hair – all hair types are included!
  • You can actually use these on your pets – labradoodles and rag doll cats in particular!
  • These brushes have been used and  tested on children with sensitivity problems and disorders, and they truly believe that they make a difference in getting hair brushed, with no pain and no struggle.

There is a large range of brushes, all the way from newborn (this is actually Evie’s favourite brush because it’s pink, ha), to adult.

You can grab your brushes and start being HAPPY brushing hair at www.happyhairbrush.com.au and use TBB10 to get yourself 10% off!


This is a paid post, yet all opinions are my own, and all products were used before agreeing to do a post.


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