Welcome to 2019 TBB Clan!

Well hey there! It's been a little minute hasn't it? Where The Bean Bible once started as pure 'blog' and personal feelings and thoughts, it's expanded to so much more - including product reviews and lots and lots of recipes (ironic for someone who is not a lifestyle nor food blogger at all). I wanted … Continue reading Welcome to 2019 TBB Clan!

My Top Christmas Food Picks

As most of you know, who read my stuff regularly (thanks Mum), I've been fairly vegetarian of late so it was interesting to flick through my recipe books (Ok, just Jamies Christmas) to gain some inspiration for Christmas Food. Jamie is my number one guy when it comes to cooking, and I usually refer to … Continue reading My Top Christmas Food Picks

Piss Easy Pho

In our house we have 'Piss Easy Pasta' nights which consists of supermarket garlic bread, and that packet ravioli and pre made sauce - A 10 minute job at most, but delicious and always a crowd pleaser on a busy night. I've never made Pho before but I definitely didn't think it would fall under … Continue reading Piss Easy Pho

The easiest 5 minute Ricotta Gnocchi

I've been making this gnocchi since I came across the recipe when I was content writing for a company a few years ago. I joke not when I say it is so quick to make, and only has about 5 ingredients - plus the kids love getting involved too!

The Franklin Caravan Restoration with Ryobi

If you've been following us for a while now, you'll know we spend our weekends traveling the countryside from pubs to beaches. We love getting out with the kids to new places, have dreams of relocating to a more 'farm life' in the near future and just before we got pregnant with Evie, Chris and … Continue reading The Franklin Caravan Restoration with Ryobi

Catch Christmas under $50.

If you don’t like Christmas, leave now. Ok, I’m glad you’re still here. Have you got Love Actually set up ready to watch, with Mariah’s Christmas album playing softly in the background? Excellent. I knew we would be good friends! As much as I adore Christmas, the Christmas shopping can be painful - especially as … Continue reading Catch Christmas under $50.