Palm Cove Paradise

When we booked our recent trip to Palm Cove, it was a now-or-never situation. Now being that we actually had money in the account on the day that Jetstar was having a Fare Frenzy, and never being that we probably wouldn't tomorrow (because life), so just do it already! I'm going to tell you a … Continue reading Palm Cove Paradise

The flips sides of parenting

In some ways, I think that I am very instinctually maternal. I never felt anxious about having kids, I wear them, I am fine with co sleeping, I make their food from scratch. I tell them I love them a million times a day, I stay home with them day in, day out. Nothing special … Continue reading The flips sides of parenting

And along came Hunter

I could hear my heart beat going crazy on the monitor, even though I thought I felt relatively ok and calm. I was given a few different drugs through my IV to calm me down while asking Chris what was wrong, and the surgery continued.