Interview with Courtney Amelia

Courtney Amelia is all kinds of inspiring. I first read about her when a GoFundMe page was set up last year because Courtney sadly found out she had a brain tumour. She is now a brain surgery survivor, ultimate fit mum (and fitness model!) and one hell of a lady. Make sure to check out … Continue reading Interview with Courtney Amelia

Interview with Chelsea Dolby

Chelsea was the first woman to put her hand up and contact me and say ' Oh hey - Could you interview me?' which I LOVED. Amen to self love and promotion! Chelsea is a cool chick, whose choice of 5 dinner guests is hilarious, is another skin guru (with Arbonne), is doing amazing things … Continue reading Interview with Chelsea Dolby

Our interview with Sally Herbert

This next person I've interviewed is someone I've fan-girled over since Hunter was 26 days old, to be precise. I met Sally on the Kids Ward at the hospital where she works as a nurse when Hunter was admitted the first time, and she's been the most invaluable source of knowledge and comfort since, allowing me to keep in contact with her and asking her a million and one questions! It turns out Sally knew who I was from following The Bean Bible, as she owns her own amazing custom artworks and prints business Love Lennox and I also followed her! It wasn't until I asked her to interview with me that I made the connection that she was also married to a Supercats star that this little basketball fan 4lyf had watched play for years! SMALL world Geelong. SMALL world. Sally has two boys – Xavier who is 4 and Noah who is 2 in May and I'm almost certain she has some sort of super human powers or at the very least is fuelled purely on caffeine!

Our interview with Alanna Holmes

I met Alanna Holmes briefly when I came across her Instagram and purchased a gorgeous Robert Gordon jug (complete with a Giant Freckle as big as my head) and she delivered to my doorstep! Alanna is the (looks and) brains behind The Locavorium, a local artisan food hamper company. Alanna grew up in Maude (a tiny little … Continue reading Our interview with Alanna Holmes

Our interview with Samantha Krajina.

Samantha and I went to my first High School together, although a few years apart so we didn't really know each other. When we connected through Social Media years later, I couldn't help but be transfixed with following her career. At the time she owned a relationship consulting business in Melbourne with her husband, was … Continue reading Our interview with Samantha Krajina.