My honest review on Silvers Circus

This blog is coming straight off the back of seeing a Silvers Circus show (literally - 30 minutes ago), so if you're my follower it needs no introduction! If you've found this through the inter webs because you've been searching for 'mum blogger from Geelong who is giving an honest review of Silvers Circus" then, … Continue reading My honest review on Silvers Circus


The Franklin Caravan Restoration with Ryobi

If you've been following us for a while now, you'll know we spend our weekends traveling the countryside from pubs to beaches. We love getting out with the kids to new places, have dreams of relocating to a more 'farm life' in the near future and just before we got pregnant with Evie, Chris and … Continue reading The Franklin Caravan Restoration with Ryobi

Back to school with SMASH!

It's back to school time - whether that be daycare, kinder, primary or high! (Our daycare actually never shuts down, and only on Christmas Day were they not open, thank you daycare gods). I've teamed up with Smash Enterprises to show you all of their Back To School stuff because frankly I have been using it for such a long time now and really love their work.

Readers choice: Sunscreen for sensitive skin

Come any season, there always seems to be some sort of health niggle. In Winter for us it's Hunter respiratory system and in Summer it's Evies eczema. Her eczema is year round, but one hot day and it flares like no tomorrow. It also flares with any of her gut health triggers which are sugar, … Continue reading Readers choice: Sunscreen for sensitive skin

Itchy Baby Co

When given the chance to work with Itchy Baby Co , we obviously jumped at it - Evie's eczema has plagued us since she was a few months old, and though we had it fairly under control with the elimination of lactose, it has been going through a rather large flare up lately. Itchy baby … Continue reading Itchy Baby Co