Getaway – Geelong Style

Whether you're passing through Geelong, traveling here for a visit, or you actually live in the area and want some inspiration - Well, I hope you come across this blog! I put it to the people of Instagram, about their personal choices of places to go and things to do for Geelong with Kids. And … Continue reading Getaway – Geelong Style


B-E-A-U-T-Y time with Artistry

I love skincare and makeup, there's something so satisfying about cleaning your skin and then adding 25 layers of lotions and potions (before you even get to make up!). I might not be very good at it but that won't stop me pouring over anything our Queen Zoe Foster Blake writes, cruising beauty blogs and … Continue reading B-E-A-U-T-Y time with Artistry

Pelvic Floor, Part Two.

Pelvic floor exercises and a Pilates take on Pelvic floor. Making them work hard for you! The pregnancy exercises that you may have heard of (or will probably hear about) are the kegel pelvic floor exercises. These are generally advised by the practitioners or physiotherapists at your hospital visits and information sessions. These involve locating and … Continue reading Pelvic Floor, Part Two.