Happy Hair Brush

Last month I met the team from Happy Hair Brush, and was super chuffed when they gave me their range of brushes to try out. As most of my followers know, Evie and I both really love doing our hair - and secret (or not to secret) confession - we've been sharing the same old … Continue reading Happy Hair Brush

Christmas Small Business Guide Under $100

Small business is hard enough without Instagram and it's crappy algorithms! Here, I've asked a bunch of Australian small businesses if they'd like to be showcased in a blog, to give you guys and idea of some cool new places to shop this Christmas. Don't forget to stop by my stores, The Bean Bible Store … Continue reading Christmas Small Business Guide Under $100

Pelvic Floor, Part Two.

Pelvic floor exercises and a Pilates take on Pelvic floor. Making them work hard for you! The pregnancy exercises that you may have heard of (or will probably hear about) are the kegel pelvic floor exercises. These are generally advised by the practitioners or physiotherapists at your hospital visits and information sessions. These involve locating and … Continue reading Pelvic Floor, Part Two.