Portable North Pole Time Again!

You know this is my favourite time of year - Christmas is literally the most exciting, buzzing time and I absolutely love celebrating every aspect of it. Wanna put your tree up in November? Go for it. Wanna blast Christmas carols through the supermarkets? Be my guest! So it comes as no surprise that I've … Continue reading Portable North Pole Time Again!


Food you’d run a Marathon for.

"Hey there, would you like to work with us? A food company making things designed to make your life easier?" ..."Yes. Take my money. NO wait, do I take yours? Whatever, FOOD!" When Marathon Foods and I first teamed up, I was like OK great! I love food, their dim sims are killer so what … Continue reading Food you’d run a Marathon for.

Catch Christmas under $50.

If you don’t like Christmas, leave now. Ok, I’m glad you’re still here. Have you got Love Actually set up ready to watch, with Mariah’s Christmas album playing softly in the background? Excellent. I knew we would be good friends! As much as I adore Christmas, the Christmas shopping can be painful - especially as … Continue reading Catch Christmas under $50.

Readers choice: Sunscreen for sensitive skin

Come any season, there always seems to be some sort of health niggle. In Winter for us it's Hunter respiratory system and in Summer it's Evies eczema. Her eczema is year round, but one hot day and it flares like no tomorrow. It also flares with any of her gut health triggers which are sugar, … Continue reading Readers choice: Sunscreen for sensitive skin

TBB Life Update

As much as the original basis and idea for The Bean Bible was to share with you parent related things for the Geelong area, I also don't want this to turn into a product overloaded website. Finding time to 'blog' on our daily life with a 2 year old and a 10 month old however … Continue reading TBB Life Update