An open letter to my deceased dad.

I guess this is from one parent to another now, which is a bit strange for me. I'm dealing with this the one way I know how, with pen to paper so to speak.  Well you’re gone. Blunt and to the point, much like you and I really. I’ve been caught in a situation where … Continue reading An open letter to my deceased dad.

Prenatal Vitamins

There are floods of ads on TV all the time about taking prenatal vitamins before becoming pregnant. But if you're like me, and weren't trying, chances are very high that you haven't been. And this is OK. When I found out at the doctors at around 6 weeks, the doctor wrote down a vitamin for me to grab on the way out, to start taking once a day, as it's really important especially in the first 12 weeks to be giving your baby all of these vital nutrients.

Geelong Mums

 As part of my editorial role at Voice on Pako, I attended the official launch of Geelong Mums new warehouse. This article first appeared in the January edition of Voice on Pako. When Newtown mum Kate Betts heard about a group calling themselves St Kilda Mums she was intrigued. And when she found out exactly … Continue reading Geelong Mums