Baby Bunting, Baby Showers and Gift Registeries

I've been looking forward to having a baby shower since I went to my friends about 5 months ago. She had a 'high tea' at her mums, full of delicious food, Champagne (and soda water for the preggies), some¬†non dorky, 'name the celebrity baby name'¬†games and of course the gift giving. She was given a … Continue reading Baby Bunting, Baby Showers and Gift Registeries

Antenatal Yoga

I have to be honest, starting antenatal yoga classes was actually one of the main reasons I decided to start this website - Relevancy? Well, I knew that I wanted to do exercise throughout my pregnancy, and I figured yoga and pilates would be good, especially with my back problems (which hadn't so much started to become a huge pain at this time, thank god). I knew there was antenatal yoga, and lets face it, it seems to be what the pregnant women do on movies.