Mind if I park my pram here?

A while ago┬áI dreamed of one day opening a cafe. And at the front of the cafe I was going to put a HUGE 'No Prams Here' sticker. Still reading? Prams are annoying. Prams and huge and┬áinconvenient. Prams can get in the way. And then of course I had Evie and quickly realised that a … Continue reading Mind if I park my pram here?

King of the Castle Cafe

Fake grass, bean bags and pallet seats galore, it's a perfect place to integrate yourself back into 'real life' post baby, by being able to go out and have lunch with your girlfriends, and not have to awkwardly move your new pram through tables places way too close together, casting your eyes down and wishing you were back at home in your trackies with your nespresso machine because that's way easier thank you very much!