De cluttering the nappy bag

NOTE: This article contains very bad flat lays from my iPhone. But you get the point. One of the girls from my mothers group will no doubt think this story was inspired by her, but I assure you Lia it's not! Even though you do carry an absurd amount of bags with you .. Prior … Continue reading De cluttering the nappy bag

An unplanned birth, a newborn, breastfeeding and the 4,127 emotions I’ve felt in the last week.

Have you seen that movie Bad Neighbours with Zac Efron? You know that scene where Rose Byrne is crying in agony because she's been breastfeeding and her boobs are full -  they show her boobs as these giant, throbbing alien like purple things on the front of her in a comical manner and everyone laughs. … Continue reading An unplanned birth, a newborn, breastfeeding and the 4,127 emotions I’ve felt in the last week.


Katie Heane is mumma to two gorgeous babies Rafael and Olive and lives in Barwon Heads . Katie co-owns Pop Up Plants, and shares the responsibility of running this full time with another friend and mumma. Here, she shares her incredibly honest and raw story on her pregnancies. I had wanted to be a mother my WHOLE … Continue reading KATIE HEANE OPENS UP ON HER PREGNANCIES

Prenatal Vitamins

There are floods of ads on TV all the time about taking prenatal vitamins before becoming pregnant. But if you're like me, and weren't trying, chances are very high that you haven't been. And this is OK. When I found out at the doctors at around 6 weeks, the doctor wrote down a vitamin for me to grab on the way out, to start taking once a day, as it's really important especially in the first 12 weeks to be giving your baby all of these vital nutrients.

Geelong Mums

 As part of my editorial role at Voice on Pako, I attended the official launch of Geelong Mums new warehouse. This article first appeared in the January edition of Voice on Pako. When Newtown mum Kate Betts heard about a group calling themselves St Kilda Mums she was intrigued. And when she found out exactly … Continue reading Geelong Mums