The flips sides of parenting

In some ways, I think that I am very instinctually maternal. I never felt anxious about having kids, I wear them, I am fine with co sleeping, I make their food from scratch. I tell them I love them a million times a day, I stay home with them day in, day out. Nothing special … Continue reading The flips sides of parenting

Life-Space Probiotics

As you probably know, we are an eczema house over here. We never used to be when it was just the two of us, but when Evie was born she developed rashes pretty young. We took her to a (very expensive) dermatologist who took one look at her and said ‘oh it’s probably Cats’ and … Continue reading Life-Space Probiotics

It’s beginning to look a lot like (a personalised) Christmas!

Yeah, no I don't know about that .. Welcome, welcome PNP - Or Portable North Pole - Where have you been for the entire life of this crazy "yay for Christmas lights in September" girl!? Who doesn't love Christmas? Grinches out there - don't answer. I CAN SWAY YOU. It's seriously the best time of … Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like (a personalised) Christmas!

And along came Hunter

I could hear my heart beat going crazy on the monitor, even though I thought I felt relatively ok and calm. I was given a few different drugs through my IV to calm me down while asking Chris what was wrong, and the surgery continued.

Babyology review – real mums test Oricom’s Babysense2 movement monitor and camera

Madelin has “[wanted] the Babysense for a while so it was a nice surprise to be able to test it out – it’s perfect because it stays in one place instead of having to be attached to the baby. “Being able to know that if she stopped breathing the monitor would pick it up is a huge relief. Being able to move around the house and backyard and take the monitor with me was also great.”

Tiny Hearts First Aid

Most of you know I hosted a Tiny Hearts Paediatric first aid course here in Geelong. I had asked them about Public course, but due to a perceived lack of interest they had not done one - Well you guys certainly showed them! With 14 people attending the day, and at least another 7 who had said a vehement 'yes' but due to the date given to us couldn't come, we had an amazing day.

Bye bye baby.

I didn’t expect to be going back this early, but with the fantastic career opportunity I guess I’ll just appreciate the 4 days off at home that I do have with her! And also the lunchtime FaceTimes, photos on my desk, phone, locket around my neck and the snippet of hair I’ll keep in my wallet. Ok i’m definitely kidding about that last part.