Dr Christine Fraser on tummy time for Mums

Thanks again to resident expert Dr Christine Fraser from Health Creation Centre who this month talks us through some 'tummy time' exercises for post bub bodies. Christine uses these kinds of exercises with new mum out in Ocean Grove, so if you'd like a more personalised and detailed chat with her, make sure to give … Continue reading Dr Christine Fraser on tummy time for Mums

Sleep, demon baby

Ok, demon might be harsh. But not right now on a Sunday morning, after spending all night awake. I would previously gloat about Evies sleeping, she might wake once for a feed between 7pm and 7am, but this last week she has been up almost every hour - whether for another bottle, or just a … Continue reading Sleep, demon baby

To Evies Dad on Fathers Day

The day she was born will always stand out to me, but some highlights include your face when she was born - the card you brought me later that day - your incredibly tired eyes from staying up all night with me and the gentle way you tried to encourage me to suck on the gas and air (which was definitely NOT gas ..).

#SVDCBodyLove Series

#SVDCBodyLove series. Last week I was photographed in the lovely comfort of my own home, mostly nude (sometimes semi) for the #SVDCBodyLove series. Stevie contacted me after I wrote my body love post about loving my body post partum and asked me to take part in the series which will be exhibited on International Womens Days next March at The Geelong Club.

An ancient, common occupation – Wet Nursing.

So I read a really, really interesting article today.  It was something my mum showed me and asked my thoughts on and thought I would like. I think it really interested me because it's something that may or may not be something that has happened to many new mums, but certainly in my circle the … Continue reading An ancient, common occupation – Wet Nursing.