Walking Tracks – Barwon River

Over the weekend Chris, Evie and I went for a huge walk - I mean 5 hours, 2 boob feeding stops and one poo explosion kind of long. A 'drive me to maccas now for 5 cheeseburgers and stop at Dan Murphys for some pale ale too STAT' kind of long. (That seriously happened). As … Continue reading Walking Tracks – Barwon River

Bear & Bean Cafe, Geelong CBD

When I find a new place I love, I want to shout it from the rooftops. But when I find a new place I love that I realise also completely caters to this new phase in my life aka becoming a supermodel, I mean becoming a mum then I definitely have to share! And since … Continue reading Bear & Bean Cafe, Geelong CBD

Choosing a school + attending open days

Here's an article I wrote for the Kids Voice, published this week. I talked about what you should look out for when choosing a school, since we all know that the questions you're supposed to ask, you always only remember once you get home! It’s that time of year again. Maybe your child is growing … Continue reading Choosing a school + attending open days

Little Ripper Furniture Co – A completely, bias piece.

I was snooping around my nursery last night, because a) I love it and b) I was looking for some inspiration on a new article to bring to you, when I found myself admiring the step ladder shelves we have set up and thought, why not write a piece about the local furniture maker who designed … Continue reading Little Ripper Furniture Co – A completely, bias piece.

King of the Castle Cafe

Fake grass, bean bags and pallet seats galore, it's a perfect place to integrate yourself back into 'real life' post baby, by being able to go out and have lunch with your girlfriends, and not have to awkwardly move your new pram through tables places way too close together, casting your eyes down and wishing you were back at home in your trackies with your nespresso machine because that's way easier thank you very much!

Antenatal Yoga

I have to be honest, starting antenatal yoga classes was actually one of the main reasons I decided to start this website - Relevancy? Well, I knew that I wanted to do exercise throughout my pregnancy, and I figured yoga and pilates would be good, especially with my back problems (which hadn't so much started to become a huge pain at this time, thank god). I knew there was antenatal yoga, and lets face it, it seems to be what the pregnant women do on movies.

Pregnancy Massage with a Physio

Finally .. some relief. And I hope everyone reading this who has experienced any back pain, or pelvic instability whilst pregnant can also have some! You'll know (if you've read my Osteo article) that I have been suffering some pretty bad back pain while pregnant. The Osteo has helped relieve the symptoms slightly, however everyday is … Continue reading Pregnancy Massage with a Physio