Sunday musings of a tired, pregnant mumma.

I refuse to sugarcoat pregnancy. It's been the most incredible thing I have hands down ever experienced, but my god it has certainly been that hardest. At 31 weeks, I'm fully aware that I'm heading into the final 2 months where my body will probably double in size (my belly at least!), and as the … Continue reading Sunday musings of a tired, pregnant mumma.

Babies first car.

I didn't think buying a pram for Bean was going to be as exhausting and confusing as looking for my latest car, but alas here I am researching the best on the market, and why. There is much debate about the 'best' pram out there at the moment, and it all obviously depends on what … Continue reading Babies first car.

King of the Castle Cafe

Fake grass, bean bags and pallet seats galore, it's a perfect place to integrate yourself back into 'real life' post baby, by being able to go out and have lunch with your girlfriends, and not have to awkwardly move your new pram through tables places way too close together, casting your eyes down and wishing you were back at home in your trackies with your nespresso machine because that's way easier thank you very much!

What happened when I hit 30 weeks pregnant.

Today I finally hit the big 3-0 .. in pregnant weeks. As my friend keeps saying to me, as soon as you get to the 30 mark you are most certainly on the countdown to the finish line, while also feeling pretty comfortable and confident that heaven forbid, if anything should happen and you go into early … Continue reading What happened when I hit 30 weeks pregnant.