#SVDCBodyLove Series

#SVDCBodyLove series. Last week I was photographed in the lovely comfort of my own home, mostly nude (sometimes semi) for the #SVDCBodyLove series. Stevie contacted me after I wrote my body love post about loving my body post partum and asked me to take part in the series which will be exhibited on International Womens Days next March at The Geelong Club.

Siblings, bonds and babies.

Published in the Winter 2015 Ruby Magazine. Growing up, I’m sure my mum kept waiting and waiting for my sister and I to stop fighting and get along. Don’t get me wrong, we never hated each other nor really fought ‘badly’, but I was (am..) the older, louder, overachieving ‘look at me’ sister, and she … Continue reading Siblings, bonds and babies.

An ancient, common occupation – Wet Nursing.

So I read a really, really interesting article today.  It was something my mum showed me and asked my thoughts on and thought I would like. I think it really interested me because it's something that may or may not be something that has happened to many new mums, but certainly in my circle the … Continue reading An ancient, common occupation – Wet Nursing.

Pelvic Floor, Part Two.

Pelvic floor exercises and a Pilates take on Pelvic floor. Making them work hard for you! The pregnancy exercises that you may have heard of (or will probably hear about) are the kegel pelvic floor exercises. These are generally advised by the practitioners or physiotherapists at your hospital visits and information sessions. These involve locating and … Continue reading Pelvic Floor, Part Two.

Pelvic floor: Part One.

If you fail to plan … you plan to fail. Not necessarily the whole truth when it comes to the birth of your child but a birth preparation program has been shown to help with urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the accidental or involuntary leakage of urine and it is actually quite a common issue – affecting one in … Continue reading Pelvic floor: Part One.

Tips for keeping your sanity during a growth spurt.

If my maternal health nurse hadn't warned me that Evie would have a growth spurt at 3 weeks old and what to expect, I probably would have taken her into emergency - and I'd like to think I'm not that dramatic. Wendy said that she could be irritable, restless, want to feed all the time, sleep … Continue reading Tips for keeping your sanity during a growth spurt.