Expert Column: Pregnancy Exercise with Christine Fraser

Expert Column: Pregnancy Exercise with Christine Fraser Look, this isn’t rocket science – if you weren’t doing something beforehand, during your pregnancy is not the time to try that crazy under water hot yoga pump session (I’m sure they don’t exist but you get my point).

A bit of body love

We frequently see pictures and accolades flying around the internet at the moment, highlighting and praising the 'real mum' body. From galleries like this one, and bikini photos like this, women all over the world are getting behind each other with support, love and encouragement. So why is this such a big deal? Seeing women … Continue reading A bit of body love

Antenatal Yoga

I have to be honest, starting antenatal yoga classes was actually one of the main reasons I decided to start this website - Relevancy? Well, I knew that I wanted to do exercise throughout my pregnancy, and I figured yoga and pilates would be good, especially with my back problems (which hadn't so much started to become a huge pain at this time, thank god). I knew there was antenatal yoga, and lets face it, it seems to be what the pregnant women do on movies.