Third trimester nausea

You would think that mother nature would be a little easier on us in the third trimester right? I mean heck, we’ve been growing a baby for about 8 months now and it’s not always easy! But no .. For this last week I’ve been feeling really sick again, on and off. My stomach capacity feels so much smaller and I can’t eat nearly as much, my skin feels stretched and sometimes I feel so ill I have to lay down.

Last night after another bout of nausea waves sending me to the couch, I decided to have a look into it.

what causes third trimester nausea and is it normal?

Turns out what I mentioned above about stomach capacity can be a huge reason for it. Now the baby is in it’s final stages of growing, there isn’t nearly the same amount of room for everything and the baby is putting a lot of pressure on your stomach. This also causes heartburn, something I have been suffering terribly.

Some other common reasons include mummas with high hCG levels (the pregnancy hormone), as your hormone levels start to pick up again around 27 weeks.

when to be worried

If your nausea is accompanied by cramping and diarrhoea, see your GP – it could be food poisoning, or something more sinister like acute fatty liver of pregnancy and HELLP syndrome. Also just go with your gut (pardon the pun), and see your doctor if you’re feeling off and need some reassurance – you can never be too dramatic when pregnant I think!


Ridiculous delicious drinks to make these tablets taste better.

I decided to go and see my GP to make sure everything was OK – I do have a low platelet count already, so taking extra precautions can never be too dramatic. I’ve had all of my blood tests done, been prescribed a stronger tablet for acid reflux (zantac), and will see how I go!

Have you been experiencing nausea in the third trimester?

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