Hunters Birthday x Marathon Foods

It's Marathon Foods times again! As you guys know, I've been working with this company for a long time now, and regularly eat their meals. Hands down, one of my favourite moments is when we simply can't be bothered cooking, and can't justify getting take out and we realise - hey, we have Marathon in … Continue reading Hunters Birthday x Marathon Foods

The easiest 5 minute Ricotta Gnocchi

I've been making this gnocchi since I came across the recipe when I was content writing for a company a few years ago. I joke not when I say it is so quick to make, and only has about 5 ingredients - plus the kids love getting involved too!

It’s a Ryobi kind of Fathers Day

Fathers Day is almost here, and although buying gifts for 'dads' can sometimes be hard, I find it quite easy for us. My husband is the kind of guy who will tell you exactly what he wants when asked about gifts - and he hates surprises! He often needs new tools, or parts for his truck, and will never ask me for socks and jocks. I also have to give him exact present ideas for myself, because once year he got my a frying pan and he's never lived it down. We now have a rule - NO household appliances for personal gifts! I don't care if its a $2000 cooking apparatus, if it makes your dinner too, it's not my birthday present.

Quality Transport Options in Geelong

For Geelong based families, Avalon airport is a god send, but only if you want to travel domestically with one carrier. Otherwise, we have to trek it up to Tullermarine and the combination of distance, flight times, parking and/or bus transfer times can make things stressful and expensive. I've teamed up with Murrell Group, a … Continue reading Quality Transport Options in Geelong

Paint and Play with Smash Enterprises

Smash Enterprises and I have had a long love relationship - They've been keeping my house full of snackalicious plastic containers, drink bottles and coffee containers for years (much to my husbands minimalistic dismay). When they asked to decorate my office though, the time finally came for me to personally benefit. I chose the 'Paint … Continue reading Paint and Play with Smash Enterprises