Group B streptococcus

Woah, now that I’ve used all of the big words in the title, I’ll try and make this sound a lot easier than it looks.

Group B Strep is something you will get tested for at around 37 weeks pregnant. It is a bacteria found in women, and is actually quite common – but if we have it when we’re pregnant, we can pass it onto the baby during labor which can be dangerous.


  • Group B Strep is a bacteria that normal lives in our body.
  • Around 1/5 women carry it, and do not know – it doesn’t affect or harm us.
  • If we pass it onto our babies during labor it can cause serious illness and even death.
  •  It is very easy deal with if you are found positive 

I have Group B Strep. And I am OK with this.

At 37 weeks you’ll do a self administered swab test, which in itself is gross and just another one of those awesome pregnancy things that you’d rather forget. You have to swab your vagina – and then your anus, with the same swab. Awesome.

I, like 25% of pregnant women, tested positive to this. All this means is that when I go into labor, and am in hospital, I will have an antibiotic drip attached it my hand and will continue to have this for the entire labor. Bean will be checked once born, and all will be OK!

Most babies exposed to Group B Strep during labor actually suffer no side effects, however having these antibiotics through my system throughout the labor process will drastically minimise Bean being affected what so ever.

getting tested

Your midwife should give you this swab, where you can test yourself and then take it into pathology or your next blood test. You’ll get the results at your next midwife appointment.


Did you test positive for Group B Strep?

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