Babyology review – Philips Avent Comfort Electric breast pump

This article was posted on Babyology, where I write as a review blogger. The article was put together by Anita Butterworth.

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Take it from me – someone who sent her husband out to buy a breast pump an hour after giving birth – do your research, and be prepared if you’re planning on expressing. Thankfully, two of our Babyology influencers have tried out the newly-released Philips Avent Comfort Electric breast pump. They’ve given us their honest opinions and now we’re passing on their wisdom.

When it comes to breast pumps there’s one thing of paramount importance – it needs to be comfortable. If you’re comfortable while expressing, the milk will flow. And that’s how the new Philips Avent Comfort breast pump works – more comfort means more milk.

A tonne of research has been invested in creating the Avent Comfort breast pump. In fact, there’s already three decades worth of clinical experience in baby feeding that comes with any Philips Avent product. But this particular pump has also been designed and developed with the expertise of scientists, healthcare professionals, and the ultimate experts in expressing – mums.

With all of this in mind, we shipped off a couple of these breast pumps to mums who could tell us in no uncertain terms what they thought of it. Our first influencer is Lisa from Exclusively Mum – who has an 11-week-old and two older children, so she’s a deft hand with breast pumps.

Across the board, Lisa rated the Avent Comfort breast pump highly. In particular, she was thrilled with the comfort level, rating it a five out of five:

“The fact that you can sit in any position to use the pump (and not need to be completely upright or leaning forward), means that you can have a good, comfortable posture. Being more relaxed, for me, leads to a faster flow. When I first started using the pump I was concerned that it felt ‘too gentle’ and hence that it wouldn’t do the job, but this was definitely not the case. Milk flowed quickly and effortlessly. Compared to my current pump, the Avent is significantly more comfortable, and leaves my breasts feeling equally as drained.”

She found the parts easier to clean than other brands she’d tried, and said it was a breeze to set up. She was pumping in no time, and says, “it didn’t take long at all to have a full feed ready”.

Overall, Lisa says she was very impressed with the Avent Comfort breast pump. She loved:

  • Being able to sit comfortably in bed and pump, rather than needing to sit up straight.
  • The ability to to adjust the settings to suit your own comfort level.
  • The buttons being backlit, which meant ease of operation in dim light.
  • The ‘natural’ teat that comes with the pump.
  • The fact that the pump is lightweight and portable and can run on batteries.

Our second influencer (above) is Madelin from The Bean Bible, who has a three-month-old daughter. Madelin already owns and uses another well known brand of breast pump, and was able to compare the Avent Comfort breast pump with that one. She said of the Avent pump:

“One of the features I like the best is the silicon attachments, they are very comfortable and help stay attached easier. My other pump just sucks air straight through, so I found the Avent one was gentle in a way, but really, really efficient … I still found the settings intense, in a good way. The starting flow is a good strong repetitive suck, and then as your milk flows you can move to a higher setting.”

Would she recommend it to a friend? Yes, and in fact, she said she already has! What’s more, she told us that she was on the verge of ceasing breastfeeding when the pump arrived for her to try, because of trouble with low milk supply. After just two days of using the Philips Avent Comfort breast pump, her supply issues were resolved, and she was able to continue feeding her baby more easily. That’s certainly a tick of approval.

(Our Babyology influencers were not paid for their comments. They were gifted the review items as part of a sponsored post for Philips Avent.)

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