To Evies Dad on Fathers Day

I never knew when I was working at a dingy UK bar over 4 years ago that I would meet you.

I never knew that when we met, you’d give up the British Army after 8 years (and all you’d ever known) just weeks after meeting me to sign out.

I never knew that we’d spend the first year apart, you in Afghan and England, and me in Australia and still come out on top.

I never knew we’d buy our first house, travel and hit career highs together.

But I did know that when we had babies, you’d be a spectacular father.

Evie is too young to tell you now, but I’m grateful, overwhelmed and filled with love and awe at you and you’re incredibly capable fatherly ways.

The day she was born will always stand out to me, but some highlights include your face when she was born – the card you brought me later that day – your incredibly tired eyes from staying up all night with me and the gentle way you tried to encourage me to suck on the gas and air (which was definitely NOT gas ..).

So thanks – for taking over the night feed last night when I was almost there even though it wasn’t your turn, for never flinching or shirking from any form of responsibility even when it’s a ‘solids nappy’, for working your absolute butt off to make sure we never want for anything, and for taking me out for Hot Chicken Project Dinner like the champ you are. I guess it’s my turn to take you.

Evie is the luckiest kid in the world – Happy First Fathers Day.

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